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Study with a partner.

If you can, study with a partner. You will spend less time stuck, and you will see and understand more. Take it in turns to work the console.

Getting stuck is good. You are confronted by something you don’t understand. You need to zoom out. What do you need to read to understand this? What assumptions need reconsidering?

But don’t stay stuck too long.

Find a study buddy

Pin a note on the q201 Study Buddy board.

Include your name, email address and what you want to study.

Perhaps a word or two about your background: data analyst, hobby programmer, etc.

Find a coach

Some veteran qbists on the Study Buddy board offer 1-to-1 coaching. (They might ask you to pay for it.)

Group typist

In a study pair or group, it’s good for everyone to have their own q session open for experiments.

But have one person as the group typist. Then verbal suggestions always refer to the same environment.

Use Whereby for study pairs or groups

The best platform we know for studying in pairs or groups is Whereby, because everyone can share his or her q session at the same time.

A Whereby video room is free1 for up to 4 participants. It works in a browser: there is nothing to download, no subscription, and no registration of guests. Just claim a room name and browse to it.

If you wish, you can work in the Iverson College video room when there is no meeting there. (Faculty will throw you out if they need the room!)

Use the chat room

Join the q201 chat room on StackExchange.

Hang out there while you’re studying or working. See if you can help other students.

The bigger and friendlier the community we create, the more help there will be when you need it yourself.

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  1. At time of writing.