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We do not ask you to trust us with cookies and your personal data.

We take the privacy of your personal data seriously. So we don’t track it.

At all.

We do need basic information about number of visitors, failed HTTP requests, and most-requested pages. We find everything we need in the webserver logs.

Google Analytics

Enabling Google Analytics (GA) on the site would be easy, and GA would give us in return, at no charge, sophisticated analyses of the site traffic.

Why? Because would then join Google’s vast surveillance network.

We see no need to feed Google your data.

Alternative analytics services

GA has competitors that (as far as we know) do not use or sell tracking data. We could pay for analytics.…

Even if we favoured installing tracking cookies, it’s not clear that it could be done without impertinent dialog boxes asking your consent.

We assume you find them as annoying as we do.

Server logs

All our analytics come from reading the HTTP requests in our webserver logs.

GoAccess analytics dashboard
GoAccess analytics dashboard

The GoAccess analytics software is open source.

You can see the results at with the IP addresses anonymized.

Hacking the site

The server logs contain IP addresses that are your personal data. They are stored outside the web server document root. The web server hosts only static sites; HTTP requests cannot reference the server logs.

The analytics show failed HTTP requests – for files the web server cannot find. The requests – almost all for PHP files – are probes looking to run PHP programs.

None succeeds: PHP is not installed on our server.

You‘re welcome.